Welcome to Straightup Environmental !

We provide comprehensive environmental services, with a specialization in aquatic biomonitoring and Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomic & Laboratory Services.

Our services also include;

  • Fish and Fish Habitat Impact Assessments
  • Performing aquatic baseline studies to determine environmental conditions onsite before project activities begin and after the project’s completion
  • Fish habitat assessment and population studies

Our in house lab provides taxonomic services for benthic invertebrate samples to our clients, including developers, industry, government agencies as well as private individuals. Our taxonomists are certified with NABS Society of Freshwater Science to a minimum of family level for aquatic invertebrates and have processed hundreds of benthic samples.

Data analysis and report writing can be tailored to meet your study requirements. We also provide field sampling services for aquatic invertebrates and can perform stream assessments to meet your needs.

The President of Straightup Environmental is David A. Johnson.  Dave is a Certified Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomist, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Technology.

Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about the services we offer !